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  • Eric Deis | Rose Marry
    2009-10-13 11:39

    Eric Deis (99) is featured in the exhibition, Shadows Cast on Imagination's Past at Elissa Cristall Gallery. Questions of perspective abound in the work of Vancouver photographer Deis, who shoots with a custom "virtual view" camera system designed to broaden the range of traditional photographic perspective.

    In a review, Canadian Art Magazine said Deis' large scale images "read like visual storyboards that gather in the entirety of everyday cityscape and architectural dynamics."

  • 2009-10-13 09:52

    Exit Art presents a project of SEA (Social-Environmental Aesthetics), America for Sale is an exhibition of photography, sculpture, video, and installation that addresses America's spiralling national debt, struggling global economy, and the ramifications of its extravagant spending. The project features work by Sung Choi, Nicky Enright, Dominic Gagnon, Elaine Kaufmann, erin Ko, Jess Levey, Abby Manock, Jonathan Matas (06), Radical Art Initiative, Ryan Roth, TRIIIBE.

  • Marian Penner Bancroft's "CHORUS" is on exhibit at the Republic Gallery.
    2009-10-09 09:55

    CHORUS is an installation of new work by Marian Penner Bancroft. The exhibition is comprised of colour photographs, texts, short videos and audio centered on the complex relationships amongst natural sounds, recorded music, social history and both urban and rural landscapes.

    Bancroft is an Associate Professor in Photography at Emily Carr University of Art + Design.

    An opening reception will be held on Saturday, October 10 from 2pm - 5pm.

    Contact the Republic Gallery for more information.

  • Brenda Draney | Aim is Important
    2009-10-08 10:34

    Emily Carr alumna Brenda Draney (MAA 09) received the distinguished $25,000 RBC Canadian Painting Competition award Wednesday, October 8, 2009 for her work, Aim is Important. The award for emerging artists, is one of the largest in Canada. The work of all 15 finalists is currently on exhibit at the Musee d'art contemporain, Montreal.

  • Emily Carr Associate Professor (Visual Arts) Liz Magor
    2009-10-06 11:15

    Liz Magor's Storage Facilities features recent works that suggest a collision of domesticity with nature, while looking at the display and delivery of objects.

    A series of cast sculptures - food trays, wrapped candies, half-smoked cigarettes, pocket-sized bottles of liquor - are presented atop tables and appear to be leftovers from a bout of compulsive consumption.

  • 2009-10-05 18:43

    Fourth year visual arts student Taralee Guild is featured in a solo exhibition at the Emily Carr student-run, Stray Gallery.

    Consisting of two thematic series of paintings, the first are described as loose renderings of urban Vancouver scenes while the latest paintings from the Airstreams series are based on exaggerated reflections in the polished exteriors of early model camper trailers. For more information visit Taralee's website.

    October 9 - 21, 2009  

    Opening reception:

  • Cedric Bomford TOWER BLOCK 2009
    2009-10-02 09:55

    Cedric Bomford (03) is featured in a solo exhibition, TOWER BLOCK 2009 at Red Bull 381 Projects, Toronto. Bomford's TOWER BLOCK 2009 was built from discarded construction materials - some of which were salvaged from vacant spaces in the building that houses the gallery.

    Canadian Art Magazine described the display as "an impressive assemblage of ladders, bleachers, old billboards and even a hockey penalty box that dominates the two-storey office-atrium-cum-gallery."

  • 2009-10-01 15:55

    Emily Carr University of Art + Design and the University of the Fraser Valley host a conference that brings together American and Canadian Victorian Interdisciplinary Studies Associations for the first time.

    The conference will focus on "Markets and Marketing" and will address the economics of the literary and visual in a series of keynotes, forums, papers and presentations.

    The conference runs October 15 -17, 2009 at the Coast Plaza Hotel, Vancouver. For more information, contact Dr. Rory Wallace, Coordinator.


  • 2009-10-01 11:44

    Submission deadline: 4:00 pm, Tuesday November 10, 2009

  • WEIGHT | Film Still
    2009-09-28 00:35

    WEIGHT, a short film written and directed by 3rd year film/video student Kevan Funk, will be showcased at the 28th Annual Vancouver International Film Festival. Created with fellow 3rd year students Benjamin Loeb and Dustin Wadsworth, WEIGHT will be screened as a part of 'Roadwork Ahead' shorts program.

    Showtimes: October 12th @ 9:15pm & October 13th @ 4:00pm at Pacific Cinematheque.

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