Courses + Costs

PLEASE NOTE: The Introductory 3D Design Basics Certificate is now under review.

Courses will continue to be offered for students currently enrolled in the program, as well as those students wish to take individual 3D Design Basics courses. No new certificate applications will be accepted at this time. We look forward to launching a renewed Industrial Design Certificate program in 2018!

Course No.
Core Required Courses
(both streams)
CEID 120

Basics of Industrial Design     

$ 310

CESE 110
Issues in Contemporary Design$ 295

CEPD 210

The Business of Design Practice

$ 260

CEID 420
3D Design Studio$ 340

Additional Required Core: (Industrial/Product Design Stream only)

CEID 121
Exploration of 3D Design$ 310

CEID 160

Rapid Visualization and Product Rendering

$ 340

CEID 224
Introduction to Model Making$ 450

Additional Required Core:
(3D Space Stream only)

CEID 122
Basics of Architectural Design$ 330

CEDR 163

Creative Drawing and Architecture

$ 315

CEID 223
Architectural Modeling and Maquettes    $ 340

Elective Courses
(choose a minimum of 48 hours of electives from the following):

CEID 231  

Introduction to SolidWorks

$ 205

CEID 235
Introduction to Rhino$ 205

CEID 260

3D Design Sketching

$ 290

CEID 262
Marker Rendering$ 315
CEID 363
3D Rendering for Design$ 345

Approximate Total Tuition     

$  3,100 (est)

Approximate Total Supply Fees
$ 1,300 (est.)