Courses + Costs

Course List

We strongly encourage students to complete courses in the recommended order given below to best support their student experience and success in meeting their learning outcomes. However, students can register in any course for which they meet the prerequisites. In the event of a conflict between the recommended course order and the prerequisites of our courses, please follow the prerequisites.

Course No.
Required Courses Tuition

CEFA 100

2D Composition + Form


CEFA 101

3D Materials + Media


CEPN 101 Colour Theory$424
CEPH 100 Introductory Digital Photography


CEPH 101

Photographic Composition


CEPH 111Adobe Lightroom$424

CEPH 200

Intermediate Digital Photography


CEPH 201
Studio Lighting$424

CEPH 203

Commercial Photography


CEPH 202
Portrait Photography$424

CEPH 204

Architectural Photography


CEPD 200
Professional Practice$424

CESE 101

Art History


CESE 102
Contemporary Critical Theory$424

Elective Courses (complete at least one):

CEPH 120
Black-and-White Film Photography$424

CEPH 221

The Constructed Image


Total Program Tuition $6360

Approximate Total Supply Fees