Illustration reflects the changing art and design landscape. Students will focus on illustrative approaches to communicating ideas and explore pictorial strategies that span across the territories, histories and disciplines of commercial illustration where drawing, painting and design have always been interconnected.

These courses will empower interested students with a range of technical skills, the savvy to navigate contemporary art exhibition venues and a career in print media with the dexterity to engage mass audiences and art collectors alike. This curriculum will strive to craft a discourse and practice that places the current relationship in an historical context.

Concepts and processes will be explored through projects concerning editorial and book illustration, technical illustration of a scientific or instructional nature, and commercial genres involving product, display and packaging. Some advanced courses may concentrate solely on one creative genre, such as the graphic novel, zine, character design, fashion or children's book illustration. While the ability to work with clients and the generation of portfolios for commercial practices will be priorities, the students' communication strategies will always be filtered through practices of drawing, painting and design.

Degree requirements for Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration:


Judy Davis, Assistant Dean, Visual Arts

Nick Conbere

Justin Novak

Durwin Talon

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