Shannon Craver



  • 2010

    The Alabama Blitz was a collaborative social design initiative between twelve student designers in Greensboro, Alabama and Project M. Over the course of a week issues such as experience design for community engagement and collaborative design experimentation (loosely defined as Thinking Wrong and midnight Footdown tournaments) were examined by all participants. Several design objects, including a promotional newsprint piece , event poster, t-shirts, were...

  • 2010

    A brand for an art show featuring the works of students who had recently completed student exchange programs. A concept for branding was created in collaboration with Nicole Pizarro and Yuriy Rzhemovskiy. Photos were collected from participants from their exchanges, and placed into 3/4 squares, representing the unfinished feeling of an exchange student. Each image is captioned with the location of each photograph, and each shape is oriented on a virtual compass to point from Vancouver to...

  • 2010

    This project was created with City Blossoms, a non-profit foundation dedicated to working with schools, neighborhood groups, community centers and other organizations to create spaces for children to use their creativity and combined strength and skills to learn how to grow and maintain fantastic yet functioning gardens. The assignment at hand was to work with City Blossoms to determine what design piece would best serve them. After interviewing...

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