CEGN 160 F001: The Contemporary Comic

Sep 28
Nov 23

This course is a unique opportunity to explore specific gestures and facial structures, all in an opportunity to express emotions effectively. From distinguishing between a smile and a smirk, to exploring the expressive possibilities of the mouth, eyes, ears and nostrils, this course is ideal for illustrators, graphic novel and comic artists who are looking to enhance their technical skills. Prerequisite CEGN 160 The Contemporary Comic: An Introduction or equivalent

Meeting Information: 
Date / Time Days Room Building
Sep 28-Nov 23
M 123 NB


Instructor information: 
Please bring the following supplies to class:
* 1 1 oz FW Acrylic Ink Black
* 1 white Staedtler eraser
* 1 Col-erase light blue pencil
* 1 Staedtler graphite pencil 2B
* 1 metal ruler
* 2 round bristle brush
* 1 Strathmore bristol pad 400 Smooth 14"X17"
* 1 Glue Stick 20gm
* 1 Sketchbook Wire bound 8.5"X11"
* 1 Speedball Cartooning Set
Estimated cost: $62.00

***Please bring items marked with a '*' to your first class.***

***If required, photocopy/printer cards can be purchased from
the vending machine outside the Emily Carr cafeteria.***

***Present this ECUAD Registration Statement at Opus Framing &
Art Supplies to qualify for a student discount.***

***In order to minimize disruption, students are expected to
arrive at class a minimum of 5 minutes prior to the designated
start time.  If possible, please notify your instructor ahead of
time if you expect to be late or absent.***