Continuing Studies

Summer Registration Opens April 8!

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Registration Dates:
Registration opens April 8 for general interest students!
Registration opens April 7 for certificate students! 

Continuing Studies has some exciting announcements:

The Leeway -  Continuing Studies is proud to present a studio space that goes beyond the classroom. Rent space by the month or term and have access to space, storage, technicians and tools to help you work creatively! 

(Parenthesis) - An Idea Café investigates the role Emily Carr plays in community and public life. You are our community, whether you studied here or not, whether you studied academically or not, whatever your age or inclination, and we invite your ideas, input and inquiry.
Our next session is April 14th!

Upcoming Demonstrations and Workshops include:

Demonstrations (1 hour - FREE!)
April 16, 2014 - Scanning for Archiving and Digital Manipulation (Full)
(Register for Demos by phone or email)

Workshops (3 hours - $65)

Interaction Design Essentials -  is a 6-month, intensive full-time program which blends design principals with technical skills training, in website and application design. Next application deadline is in August 2014 for a September start date. More details coming soon.