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Registration Dates:
Registration opens August 6 for general interest students!

Continuing Studies has some exciting announcements:

If you are curious about the new Emily Carr Campus, join us in anticipation of our move and attend Imagining Our Future, a series of events and activities that explore the geographical, historical, pedagogical and cultural context of our relocation to the False Creek Flats (Senákw) in 2016.

Imagining Our Future brings together practitioners together from a range of practices and fields of inquiry, evoking both radical and practical propositions for how we inhabit our new campus, and how we imagine the art, media and design university of the 21st century. Registration for Imagining Our Future opens soon!

Upcoming Demonstrations and Workshops include:

Demonstrations (1 hour - FREE!)
Oct 15 - Image Transfer and Surface Treatment Technique
Nov 19 - Framing for Exhibition

Workshops (3 hours - $65)
Sept 25 - Tin Can Studio Workshop

Future Artists Future Designers - Join us for the launch of our after school
Teen + Youth Programs at Emily Carr University Saturday September 27, Noon – 3:00 pm