Custom + Corporate Training

Custom + Corporate Training

In today's changing economy, innovation and currency are an important part of success. At Emily Carr, we draw on the expertise of an impressive network of creative professionals to offer customized training and professional development opportunities that address an organization's particular learning objectives. We will work with your organization, business or association to develop a customized education and training solution that is designed to address your unique needs and desired outcomes. 

Whether you are an emerging or established organization or industry partner seeking to expand capacity and skills, or a group looking for a team-building workshop, our experienced instructors are able to accommodate your needs. 

Training can either take place at Emily Carr’s renowned labs and studios, or can be portable and brought to you.


½ Day - $600 / Full Day - $800
Up to 16 people
Includes: 30 min consultation meeting,

Creative Team Building

Collaborating like a Designer
This is a fun, hands-on workshop for groups who want to learn how to communicate and work together.  Co-operative team building exercises, including the ‘blind rope exercise’ and the ‘spaghetti tower challenge’, will help you identify your role in a group of people, how you communicate and how to effectively reach a shared goal.

Life Drawing Workshop
Drawing from a live model, life drawing workshops are a fun way for beginners and experienced artists and illustrators to work with pencil, pastel, charcoal and ink. Workshops can be customized to be more instructional or more self-directed.

Skill-Based Training

Software training in specialized programs 
Taught by creative practitioners, learn or enhance your organization’s knowledge and proficiency in Final Cut X, Maya, Softimage, Solidworks, The Adobe Suite, Rhino and many others.

Photoshop Workshop
A customized program for staff, faculty and school groups to learn effective tools and applications for Adobe Photoshop, the industry standard for digital image-processing. Workshops from beginner-level to advanced can be tailored to your group’s interests, skill-level and work flow. Possible topics include image manipulation and resolution, applying filters, blending and combining images, and adding text to image. Advanced topics may include applications for masks, channels, and paths.

Social Media for Business
Facebook. Twitter. Blogs. YouTube. Pinterest.  Everyone is buzzing about how these free social networking sites can be powerful marketing tools for business. Based on your company's particular needs, we can develop a custom social media training program that focuses on the platforms that will be the most useful to your employees. We will cover the philosophy behind social media, the technology, interface and etiquette. You will learn how to use the social media tools that are the most useful to you as  marketing tools, get hands-on, practical experience, and leave with a social media marketing experience that is useful and relevant to your business.

Infographics for the Office
Learn how to effectively create and use visual representations of data to effectively communicate trends, statistics and other data by translating them into easily understood infographics.   Improve visualization techniques that can further assist your employees to communicate their ideas, data, and conclusions to others, both in the office and externally.  This workshop can be customized to include training in relevant applications of the Adobe Create Suite - Illustrator, InDesign and Acrobat.

Graphic Reporting for Strategic Planning
This short introductory course offers students different techniques for ‘visually recording’ content of strategic planning. During this course employees with have an exposure to a variety of drawing tools, projection systems and drawing techniques to record content of a visual presentations, in order to provide them with maximum retention of content as well as graphic representation of content that can be used for documentation purposes.