DOC (Digital Output Centre)

At Emily Carr University’s Digital Output Centre (DOC), students, staff, and faculty can submit digital files for output using many different output devices: wide format inkjet & gel-toner printers, colour laser “ImagePress” printers, a CD/DVD disc printer, and a vinyl cutter. The DOC is also a resource for both individuals and classes by contributing to the understanding and proficiency in document creation, print preparation and colour accuracy/management.

The DOC is also home to the university's highest resolution scanning equipment and colour calibrated workstations to prepare files for printing. Carlos Mendes and Eduardo Rodriguez are the resident Studio Technicians available to guide you through the process of preparing and submitting files for output, learning to use the scanners, or colour calibrating your laptop.

Costs to the university community are kept as low as possible and compare favorably with off campus competitors. The cost for a print depends on the following factors: 1. Size of the print  2. Which printer is used (generally printers that can print at higher resolutions will cost more than the printers that print at lower resolutions) 3. Which paper/media is chosen.  You can visit the DOC and see sample prints and easily get a quick quote for any projects you are interested in printing.

The DOC is located in room 396 and the hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm. Carlos & Eduardo can be contacted at