Foundation Spring Registration

Important Links for Registration

There are new first class attendance policies for the Spring semester. Be sure to read through the Spring 2014 General Registration information.

Not sure how to register or having trouble using insideEC? Check out the insideEC FAQ page.

Spring 2014 Foundation Registration

Registration Dates

Registration will take place online. Web registration is open from 7:00AM to Midnight, Pacific Daylight Time.

November 28 Foundation Students:
Last names beginning A-L
November 29 Foundation Students:
Last names beginning M-Z
December 6 Registration Rules Lifted
December 23 University closed for winter break
January 2 University re-opens
January 6 Spring semester begins
January 17 Last day to add/drop courses
January 17 Tuition Fee Deadline

Academic Advising

Questions about registration? Make an appointment with an Academic Advisor.

Foundation Year Requirements

The Foundation year consists of both core courses and electives for a total of 30 credits. For the Spring semester students must register for 15 credits:

  • FNDT 001 Foundation Forum
  • HUMN 101 Academic Core (6 credits)
  • Foundation Studio Elective (3 credits)

One of the following (choose one that you did NOT take in the Fall):

  • FNDT 160 Core Media Studio I (6 credits)
  • FNDT 161 Core Design Studio I (6 credits)
  • FNDT 164 Core Visual Arts Studio I (6 credits)

Foundation Studio Electives can be found by searching on insideEC for the subject "Foundation Studio Courses". All electives are 3 credits.

The following second year courses can also be taken as a Foundation Studio Elective:

When planning your course schedule, keep in mind that three credit courses have 3 hours per week of instruction and six credit courses have 6 hours per week of instruction.

Academic Core: HUMN-100 and HUMN-101

Intensive Academic Cores have 4 different class times:

  • Two lectures on Tuesday
  • One Seminar
  • One Intensive component

Non-Intensive Academic Cores have 3 different class times:

  • Two lectures on Tuesday
  • One Seminar

You can see the full schedule of each Academic Core by clicking on the course title on insideEC.

Foundation students who are registered for an Intensive Academic Core in the fall semester are required to register for an Intensive Academic Core in the spring semester.

  • Sections S001 to S008 are Intensive
  • Sections S009 to S017 are Non-Intensive

The following documents have the schedules for each section of HUMN 101. You can use these to help you put together your course schedule for the Spring semester. These are current as of October 22. If there is a difference between these and the insideEC website, the website is correct.