Chancellor Search 2021

In the Fall 2020 term, we began to plan our search for the next Chancellor of ECU. As this is a vital role at the heart of our university, we are seeking input from all members of our community. All staff, students, faculty and alumni are invited to suggest a candidate for consideration through our nomination form at the bottom of this page.

This is your opportunity to participate in identifying prospective candidates for the role of Chancellor, an individual who will help cultivate the culture and community at ECU. Read on to learn more about the role, the selection process, and how you can get involved.

About the Role of Chancellor

The Chancellor is the ceremonial head of Emily Carr University. They serve in a volunteer capacity as a member of the Board of Governors and the Senate, and act as an ambassador for the university. They preside over major ceremonies, including convocation, and confer degrees to graduating students.

Chancellors are nominated by the ECU Alumni Association, and appointed by the board of governors. They serve for a three-year term, and may be reappointed to serve a maximum of six years. Our current Chancellor, Geoff Plant, was appointed in 2015 and will end his term in 2021.

As ECU approaches our centennial in 2025, we invite our community to help identify candidates for the next Chancellor.

Chancellor Selection Criteria

We are seeking an individual who will be a champion and an advocate for Emily Carr University. Our ideal candidate is:

  • A respected leader within the community, particularly where it overlaps with the art, media, design or post-secondary sectors.
  • Dedicated to advancing decolonization, Indigenization and dismantling systemic racism.
  • A strong communicator who can connect with individuals of different ages, cultures and sectors, and build relationships between university stakeholders.
  • Committed to lifelong education, and has the skills and experience to support and advance the university’s goals.
  • Dedicated to the growth and success of the cultural sector and creative industries.

Please refer to the full selection criteria in ECU Policy 1.12 for more details.

How to Submit A Nomination

Nominations are confidential, and the complete list of nominees will be seen only by the Chancellor Search Team in order to protect the privacy of potential candidates. All nominations will be considered, but we cannot promise that any individual will be short-listed. Only short-listed nominees will be contacted to determine if they wish to accept the nomination.

If you know an exceptional individual who meets these criteria, or who demonstrates other qualities that we should consider in our search, we invite you to fill out our nomination form before January 31, 2021.

The nomination period has closed.

Selection Process

All nominations will be reviewed by the ECU Alumni Association Search Committee, who will use the selection criteria to identify a shortlist of candidates. They will present the shortlist to the Board Executive Committee, who will offer recommendations to the Alumni Association Search Committee for their final review.

For more details on the process, see ECU Policy 1.12: Selection of Chancellor.

Chancellor Search Committee
ECU Alumni Association Search Committee
ECU Board Executive Committee

Related Policy

The appointment and selection criteria for the Chancellor are formally defined in our university’s Policy 1.12.


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