Courses + Costs

Course No.
Core Required Courses
(both streams)
Tuition Term Available
CEID 120

Basics of Industrial Design

$ 316

Spring, Summer, Fall
CESE 110
Issues in Contemporary Design$ 300Spring, Fall

CEPD 210

The Business of Design Practice

$ 260

Summer, Fall
CEID 420
3D Design Studio$ 347Summer

Additional Required Core: (Industrial/Product Design Stream only)

CEID 121
Exploration of 3D Design$ 316Fall

CEID 160

Rapid Visualization and Product Rendering

$ 347

CEID 224
Introduction to Model Making$ 459Fall

Additional Required Core:
(3D Space Stream only)

CEID 122
Basics of Architectural Design$ 337Spring, Summer, Fall

CEDR 163

Creative Drawing and Architecture

$ 321

Spring, Summer, Fall
CEID 223
Architectural Modeling and Maquettes $ 347Fall

Elective Courses
(choose a minimum of 48 hours of electives from the following):

CEID 231

Introduction to SolidWorks

$ 209

CEID 235
Introduction to Rhino$ 209Summer, Fall

CEID 260

3D Design Sketching

$ 296

CEID 262
Marker Rendering$ 321Spring
CEID 363
3D Rendering for Design$ 352Spring

Approximate Tuition Total (est)$3200

Approximate Supply Total (est)