Courses + Costs

Course No.
Required Courses
Tuition Term Available
CEXD 100

Approaches to Creative Inquiry

$ 424

CEXD 101
Colour Theory: Analog to Digital$ 424TBA

CEFA 100

2D Composition + Form

$ 424

Spring, Summer, Fall
CEFA 1013D Materials + Media
$ 424Spring, Summer, Fall
CEDR 100
Introductory Drawing$ 424Spring, Summer, Fall

CEID 260

3D Design Sketching

$ 296

CECS 136
Adobe Suite for Design + Production
$ 520Spring, Summer, Fall

CESE 102

Contemporary Critical Theory

$ 424

Summer, Fall
CESE 110
Issues in Contemporary Design$ 295Spring, Fall

CEXD 105

Cross Disciplinary Theory + Practice

$ 424

CEXD 225
Cross Disciplinary Self-Directed Projects$ 424TBA

Visual Art Electives (complete at least one):

CEIL 100

Introductory Illustration

$ 424Spring, Summer, Fall

CEPH 100

Introductory Digital Photography

$ 424
Spring, Summer, Fall

CEPN 100

Introductory Painting Techniques

$ 424

Spring, Summer, Fall

Design Electives (complete at least one):

CECD 110

Basics of Communication Design

$ 296

Spring, Summer, Fall
CEID 120
Basics of Industrial Design$ 316Spring, Summer, Fall
CEID 122Basics of Architectural Design$ 337Spring, Summer, Fall

Professional Practice Electives (complete at least one):

CEPD 200Professional Practice
$424Spring, Summer
CEPD 210Business of Design Practice
$260Summer, Fall

Open Electives (complete at least 4):

Choose from any Visual Art or Design Certificate Course.

Approximate Total Tuition

$ 5667

Approximate Total Supply Fees

$ xxx