UX-UI Associate Certificate

Offered in partnership with OCAD University, the UX/UI Design Associate Certificate introduces the fast-growing and innovative fields of user-centred research and design. With a focus on creative problem solving and technical skill-building, this program provides students with the framework to understand, discuss and create effective interactive experience.

Program Goal

The UX/UI Design Associate Certificate introduces students to prototyping, usability testing, user-centred design principles, programming and visual communication strategies, grounded in both industry-standard tools and design theory. This flexible, evening and weekend program is ideal for students new to design who aspire to work with leading design faculty in a hands-on studio environment. Areas of study include UX/UI Design, Web Design + Analytics, Information Design and Web Programming. Students exit the program with portfolio-ready projects, as well as an understanding of business and professional practices in the industry.

Learning Outcomes

The UX/UI Design Associate Certificate program has been designed for those who wish to: 

  • Apply visual communication design for screen-based platforms
  • Identify UX/UI Design processes, roles and skillsets
  • Use various tools and technologies related to UX/UI and visual communication design methods and techniques
  • Communicate concepts through UX/UI design practices, including visual literacy, creative thinking, accessibility, usability and/or prototyping
  • Evaluate work for conceptual, structural, functional and technical strength
  • Express ideas and opinions about UX/UI Design principles, practices and methods
  • Present and explain one’s UX/UI Design projects for critique
  • Create UX/UI-centered design projects for portfolio
  • Develop a business/professional practice plan that is aligned with individual goals

Program Duration 

Students complete the UX/UI Design Associate Certificate at their own pace, registering in their required courses according to their own schedule and availability. Courses are offered over evenings and weekends, and online, allowing for part-time study. Students must complete 216 hours of class-time. Courses range in length from 12 to 36 hours.

Assignments + Assessment

An assessment of the learning outcomes of each student is prepared by the instructor. Student must achieve a Pass (P) grade in every required course to be eligible for a UX/UI Design Associate Certificate.

To receive a passing grade in each of their courses, students must: 

  • complete assignments, exercises, and activities to the instructor’s stated requirements;
  • satisfy all course learning outcomes. Students can expect to spend approximately 1 hour completing homework for every one hour spent in class. All assignments must be completed to the evaluative standard set by the instructor to satisfy the learning outcomes of the course and program.

 Career + Education

UX/UI Design Associate Certificate recipients can apply their education to a variety of careers and enterprises. Depending on the level of work they achieve and previous education and experience, they can pursue a range of opportunities, including:

• User Experience Architect
• User Experience Researcher
• User Experience Designer
• Information Architect
• Content Strategist
• Communication Designer
• Information Designer

Students can use work from their certificate program in an admissions portfolio to apply for the following programs:

• Bachelor of Design
• Interaction Design Certificate