Courses + Costs

Course No.
Required Courses Tuition Term Offered
CECD 110
Basics of Communication Design$ 296Spring, Summer, Fall

CEDA 700*

Introduction to User Interface and User Experience Design

$ 503


CESE 110

Issues in Contemporary Design

$ 290

CECD 136Adobe Suite for Design and Production$ 520Spring, Summer, Fall
CEDA 232Introduction to Web Design

$ 425

Spring, Summer, Fall
CEDA 710*
Introduction to Web Analytics

$ 390

CEDA 720*
Intermediate User Interface and User Experience Design $ 503ONLINE
CEPD 210
The Business of Design Practice
$ 260Summer, Fall
CEDA 730*
Advanced Web Art and Design, CSS, JavaScript Frameworks$ 503ONLINE

CEDA 740*
Dynamic Web Art and Design, PHP$ 503ONLINE

Approximate Total Tuition

$ 4198

Approximate Total Supply Fees

$ 300**

*CEDA 700 series courses are offered online by OCADU Continuing Studies. Students must register through ECUAD to complete the UX/UI Associate Certificate program.

**Students may benefit from an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.