2D Design Certificate

Notice to Students

Starting January 2020, the 2D Design Certificate will no longer be available. Students currently pursuing this Certificate program will have the opportunity to complete all required courses and earn this credential. To be eligible, all required courses must be completed by Summer 2022.

All 2D Design Certificate required courses will be equivalent to required courses in the new Visual Communication Design Certificate.

For questions, or more information, please contact csdesign@ecuad.ca

Program Goal

This flexible, evening and weekend program is ideal for students new to design who aspire to work with leading design faculty in a hands-on studio environment. Areas of study include Type Design, Layout and Publication Design, Visual Identity Systems and Information Design. Students exit the program with portfolio-ready projects, as well as an understanding of business and professional practices in the industry.

The program is presented in a variety of formats including lectures, hands on practice, studio and lab-based courses, and project presentations. Projects will vary in terms of complexity, time frame, tools and materials used, methods, and level of independence. Studio-based classes may be supplemented with presentations, lectures, exercises and discussions, independent work time, critiques, etc. Lecture- or seminar-based courses will focus on theory, critical investigations or the history of design. Working independently or in groups, students may be required to write, research or present responses to the critical concepts introduced.

Further Education

Students can use work from their certificate program in an admissions portfolio to apply for the following programs:

  • Communication Design Essentials Certificate
  • Bachelor of Design