Print Media Associate Certificate

Learn fundamental print making techniques and processes, including lithography, screen printing, and intaglio, in this exciting new Associate Certificate program.

Using various tools, materials and printing presses, students will explore traditional and experimental approaches to print making in Emily Carr University’s state-of-the-art, naturally lit Print Media studio space. Produce diverse printed editions for portfolio and learn ways to integrate print media skills into a dynamic personal or professional practice.

Program Goal

The Print Media Associate Certificate provides students with introductory print making techniques, processes and concepts which can be applied to their existing print making or creative practice as well as to further education.

Students will work with a range of print media tools and materials, such as copper plates, lithography stones, carving utensils, and different inks. Diverse techniques in various print media mediums will be developed and traditional and experimental printing processes explored. Through print studio-based courses, students may be introduced to critical theories of visual art and how these concepts intersect with core print media skills. Students will have the opportunity to navigate print making as a possible professional practice.

Through completion of structured and independent projects as well as in-class critique, students will produce a small but diverse portfolio of print media pieces.

Learning Outcomes

Students who complete the Print Media Associate Certificate Program should have the skills and knowledge required to:

  • Demonstrate introductory level print media techniques
  • Use print making tools, materials and equipment safely
  • Develop, plan, and express concepts through print media compositions
  • Form opinions about print pieces in terms of conceptual, compositional, and technical strength
  • Present and justify one’s print editions for critique
  • Communicate ideas and opinions about print media
  • Produce a small portfolio of print editions

Program Duration

Students complete the Print Media Associate Certificate at their own pace, registering in their required courses according to their own schedule and availability. Courses are offered over evenings and weekends, allowing for part-time study.

Students must complete 12 CS Units or 144 hours of class-time. Courses can range in length from 12 to 36 hours.

Assignments + Assessment

Students are evaluated through the completion of applied assignments and projects activities as well as exercises, presentations, critiques, attendance and participation. Students can expect to spend approximately one hour completing homework for every one hour spent in class.

Courses follow a Pass/Fail methodology for assessment of learning outcomes. To achieve a Pass (P) coursework must demonstrate a Commendable, Very Good, or Good level of understanding of the subject matter, concepts, and techniques achieved in satisfying the learning outcomes of a course.

Students must achieve a Pass (P) in every required course to be eligible for a Print Media Associate Certificate.

To receive a passing grade in each of their courses, students must:

  • Maintain a minimum 85% attendance rate;
  • Complete assignments, exercises, and activities to instructor’s requirements;
  • Satisfy all course learning outcomes to the instructor’s stated P/F standards.

Career + Education

Print Media Associate Certificate recipients can apply their education to a variety of careers and enterprises. Depending on the level of work they achieve and previous education and experience, they can pursue a range of opportunities, including:

  • Commercial Screen Printer
  • Book Binder
  • Print-based Visual Artist
  • Stationery, Card, and Printed Product Maker

Students can use work from their Print Media Associate Certificate in an admissions portfolio to apply for the following programs:

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts

Courses + Costs

Course Format

Courses are offered primarily on campus.

Tuition Rates

Tuition ranges from $441.25 - $710.75 per course. See course pages for details.

Program Completion

Students who intend to complete the Print Media Associate Certificate must select and complete 6 of the 8 following Print Media courses:

Course No.Required CoursesTerm
(Subject to change)
CEPR 100
Introductory Printmaking TechniquesSummer
CEPR 103DIY Printmaking TechniquesSummer
CEPR 104Introductory Screen PrintingSpring
CEPR 105Introductory Relief PrintingTBD
CEPR 106Introductory IntaglioTBD
CEPR 107Introductory Stone LithographyTBD
CEPR 108Introductory Book MediaTBD
CEPR 109Introductory Letterpress TechniquesTBD
Approximate Total Program Tuition $3,799.50
Approximate Total Supply Fees $600.00


To register in the required courses, students must be over the age of 18 at the start of their course, have proficiency in spoken and written English and should have completed Grade 12 or equivalent education. No previous experience in print media or the fine arts is required to begin the Print Media Associate Certificate.

No application is required – register online for courses now!