Sculpture Courses

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Develop hands-on, industrial skills alongside visual composition and material exploration in our unique sculpture courses. Learn safe sculpture tool and equipment use in our state-of-the-art foundry and sculpture studios, guided by our experienced instructors and studio technicians. Integrate metal sculpture techniques and mould design and casting into your creative practice to produce exciting installations and objects. These courses are suitable for product designers, sculpture artists, or other creatives who want to introduce 3D work into their portfolio.

Course Format

Fall 2021 courses are offered on-campus only.

Material List Fall 2021

Download the PDF materials list you need to be prepared for the start of your course.

Course No Course NameTuitionTerms AvailableNotes
CESC 178Intro to Mold Design + Casting$459TBD
CESC 180Introduction to Metal Sculpture$464.50TBD
CESC 280Metal Sculpture Open Studio$696.75Fall