Colour Theory for Designers (CECD 102)

Explore colour and colour theory as they apply to the design process. This course introduces colour modes, functions, attributes, and relationships toward effective and dynamic visual impact. Students will learn to analyze visual colour challenges, understand psychological and symbolic uses of colour in design practices, and achieve effective compositional harmony using colour schemes.

Course Formats

Course offerings are available online (synchronous) and on campus. View schedule for current and upcoming formats.

Instructional Hours: 24 (8 classes, 3 hours per class)

Additional Hours: up to 24 hours for independent study and practice, assignment completion and homework.

Terms Offered

This course is typically offered during the following terms:

(subject to change)

Fall | September to December

Spring | January to March

Summer | April to August


  • None

Tuition + Materials

Tuition is $507.45. Download your detailed materials list before your first class.


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