DIY Printmaking Techniques (CEPR 103)

Using easily-sourced materials and tools, including found objects from one’s home or immediate surroundings, students will learn and experiment with basic print media techniques and applications. Students will explore DIY printmaking methods such as monotype printing, trace printing, paper alterations, rubbings, and alternative relief techniques. Emphasis will be placed on how personal print media practice can take place within informal spaces and environments and combine with other creative practices like drawing, photography, wet and dry media, and digital additions.

Course Formats

Course offerings are available online (synchronous) and on campus. View schedule for current and upcoming formats.

Instructional Hours: 24 hours (8 classes, 3 hours per class)

Additional Hours: 24 hours for independent study and practice, assignment completion and homework.

Terms Offered

This course is typically offered during the following terms:

(Subject to change)

Summer | April to August


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