Introductory Stone Lithography (CEPR 107)

This course introduces lithography techniques using stone surfaces. Creating images directly on polished stone blocks, lithography is a gestural printmaking method with close relationships to painting and drawing practices. Using lithographic pencils, crayons, inks and specially designed presses, you will learn unique processes to create dynamic compositions and editioned prints. A traditional print method, this course brings the lithographic process into the contemporary context, offering opportunities to experiment and evolve your creative practice.

Course Format

This course is offered on campus.

Instructional Hours: 24 hours (4 classes, 6 hours per class)

Additional Hours: 24 hours for independent study and practice, assignment completion and homework.

Terms Offered

This course is typically offered during the following terms:

(Subject to change)

Fall | September to December

Spring | January to March

Summer | April to August


  • None

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Tuition is $507.45. Download your detailed materials list before your first class.


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