Cross Disciplinary Courses

Critical thinking, collaboration and analytical skills have been identified as key advantages for students graduating from arts- and design-focused education, or for anyone seeking new ways of knowing, being creative and overcoming limitations. These courses are suitable for individuals interested in developing skills, knowledge and values that merge design thinking and creative inquiry. By approaching topics from multiple perspectives, cross-disciplinary studies can emphasize problem-solving methods applicable to real-world projects and challenges. Students in this program are encouraged to create diverse portfolios, recognize their own entrepreneurial potential, and integrate knowledge and skills from different practices and contexts. Accessible to lifelong learners from wide-ranging fields of expertise, including academics, business professionals, artists, designers, scientists, architects, activists, cultural workers, team leaders and project managers.

Course Format

Courses are offered either online and on campus.

Tuition Rates

Tuition ranges from $221.00 - $441.25. See course pages for details.

Material List

Download the PDF materials list you need to be prepared for the start of your course.

Course NoCourse NameTerm
(Subject to change)
CEPD 400Creative EntrepreneurshipSpring
CEXD 100Approaches to Creative InquiryTBA
CEXD 105Cross Disciplinary Theory + PracticeTBA

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