Motion Capture Studio

  • Black box space.

    Our motion capture and visualization studio is state-of-the-art, fully equipped, and available to rent.

    Are you interested in, or are you developing, projects requiring motion capture or tracking? The Motion Capture and Visualization Studio (Mocap) is a large black box space that can support projects requiring motion capture or tracking and stereoscopic projection. This wonderful space also supports large installations.

    Conferences and symposia have also been held in the studio space as it seats about 80 people comfortably. Our motion capture and tracking capabilities are made possible by an ever-growing infrastructure of technical tools and our skilled Mocap Technician staff. Learn about our capture volume and full equipment from the S3D Centre.

  • Contact

    Maria Lantin, Director, S3D Centre

    Rick Overington, Motion Capture Studio Technician

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