Shumka Centre for Creative Entrepreneurship

  • Intro

    The Shumka Centre for Creative Entrepreneurship is about fostering the movement of creative people into systems and situations where their work and ideas can have the most impact.

    Developed by Living Labs, the Centre has launched in 2018 to act as a hub for activities relating to entrepreneurship and enterprise at Emily Carr University with the aim of establishing a place where creatives can find community and knowledge, as well as a connection to the resources they need to launch their projects in the world– whether those are products, companies, events, curatorial initiatives, non-profit organizations or other initiatives. The Shumka Centre was awarded a three year grant from the Vancouver Foundation in 2018.


    • Offer resources and guidance that enable easier access to business and entrepreneurship support for all Emily Carr students
    • Teach and communicate the smartest emergent methods for getting things done (templates and tools, networks, partnerships, models), drawing from different sectors to coalesce new ways of doing things in the cultural and creative sectors
    • Create an externally-facing profile that retains creative integrity and gains reputation for experimentation
    • Cultivate the entrepreneurial capacity and business skills of creatives, micro businesses and startups within Emily Carr, and from Vancouver’s Creative and Cultural Sector by offering programs that address their specific needs
    • Become a hub, facilitate cross-sector networking, and create culturally interesting exposures that showcase creative products and ideas to new audiences
    • Be the first culture and creative sector incubator in Western Canada
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