Be an artist and an entrepreneur.

Are you interested in launching your own business in the creative economy?

Emily Carr University of Art + Design is pleased to present the Scotiabank PLATFORM Program for Young Entrepreneurs. This program supports the entrepreneurial development of Emily Carr students and graduates across a range of disciplines. If you are highly motivated to think differently about developing innovative products and disrupting marketplaces, this program will hone your ability to generate and implement new ideas. You will have access to the industry’s top mentors and Vancouver’s best entrepreneurs, developers, and designers. Learn the fundamentals of building a startup company and everything from incorporation to acquiring your first customer.

Emily Carr University of Art + Design gratefully acknowledges Scotiabank for their support of this program, coordinated by the Living Labs Research Centre.

Proud to partner with Scotiabank

Scotiabank PLATFORM Program for Young Entrepreneurs receives applications in late summer with the program running through the academic year.

The Scotiabank PLATFORM Program supported five entrepreneurial students in both the fall of 2014 and spring of 2015 semesters for an intensive program at Launch Academy. Over the last two years, Launch Academy has incubated over 180 companies, who have raised over $25 million dollars and created over 400 jobs, twenty of which have been accepted into premier accelerator programs.

Program mentors include former partners from Deloitte, former Googlers, writers for The Huffington Post, major law firm partners, Human Resources professionals, Marketing and Public Relations experts, and some of the country’s top entrepreneurs. If selected for this program, your mentors will help you:

  • understand and implement the fundamentals of lean methodology;
  • understand and implement customer development processes;
  • manage the step-by-step guide of operating a small tech-based business;
  • implement tips and tricks of multi-channel distribution with minimal resources;
  • build relationships with potential advisors, co-founders and investors;
  • develop a real and viable startup business; and
  • prepare your startup for top accelerators.