Communication Design for Teens

Visual language is the foundation of Communication Design. It sets the groundwork for a variety of communication channels – from printed graphics to digital interface. In this course, students will develop a basic knowledge of communication design, experimenting with, and exploring fundamental design concepts and principles and their applications in different forms of visual output.

Upcoming Sessions

CETP 225 S001
Feb 20 + Feb 21
Saturday + Sunday | 10:00am - 5:00pm
Tuition: $254 | 2 sessions

Due to the online nature of the programs this year, students participating in the Communication Design weekend intensive will need to have their own access to the hardware and materials required for the course. Students can expect to spend $30-$40 in supplies. The complete list of supplies is included in the Registration Package.

Learning Outcomes

Through successful completion of this studio, you will be able to:

  • Identify basic formal elements and principles of the design process
  • Acquire basic knowledge of colour, composition and typography as they apply to communication design projects
  • Develop problem solving skills
  • Employ compositional strategies towards a final visual design

    About the instructor

    Natalie Gagnon is a Vancouver-based art director, publication designer, brand strategist + design educator who brings brands, content and minds to life with strategic design, multi-platform publishing and clear communication style. With a decade of art direction and marketing experience in the magazine and advertising industries, six years teaching post-secondary design courses, certificates in copywriting and book binding, and holding a Masters of Arts (Graphic Branding and Identity) from the London College of Communication, she is well-equipped to solve a diverse variety of communication needs. Natalie empowers brands to live their most distinct life and inspires students to be passionate designers.

    Natalie maintains a strong respect for an efficient workflow and the need to continually learn. When not busy designing for clients in the private sector or teaching design courses at Emily Carr University of Art and Design and Simon Fraser University, she is likely heading to her pottery studio to make pieces for her small business, Nima Stoneware, or creating crochet patterns for her company, Nattypat Crochet. Past design clients include: Vancouver, Western Living, Modern Dog, Modern Cat, MONTECRISO, and NUVO magazines, as well as Black Press, Glacier Media, and The Sutton Place Hotel Group.

    Natalie believes that successful design is achieved through the creation of immediacy + icon. Immediacy, the need to communicate information and ideas effectively, and icon, a strong and memorable visual identity and form are interdependent. Take one away and the work will be unsuccessful—take immediacy away and the message is lost, take icon away and the message is not remembered.