DIY Printmaking for Teens

Unleash your creativity through versatile DIY printmaking techniques. In this exciting workshop, you will explore monotype printing, trace prints, paper alterations, rubbings, and alternative relief techniques. Approaches will range from printing found objects, from one’s home or immediate surroundings, to direct transfer prints. Discover the many ways printmaking intersects with other creative practices by combining these printmaking approaches with drawing or photography. By the end of the program, you will have developed unique prints for your portfolio.

Upcoming Sessions

*There are no scheduled sessions for this workshop. Please check back for updates*

Due to the online nature of the programs this year, students participating in the DIY Printmaking intensive will need to have their own access to the hardware and materials required for the course. Students can expect to spend $55-$65 in supplies. The complete list of supplies will be provided upon request and at the time of registration.

Learning Outcomes

Through successful completion of this studio, you will be able to:

  • Apply image composition, manipulation and layering techniques to monochromatic and multi-color prints
  • Develop experimentation and problem-solving capabilities
  • Enhance printed objects by altering them with everyday media
  • Incorporate multiple techniques into a single print
  • Develop an understanding of how printmaking intersects with other creative practices
  • Assess the work of peers and of established artists critically

About the instructor

Mark Johnsen is an American visual artist living and working in Vancouver B.C. Johnsen’s practice is centered on exploring the possibilities of the unique hand pulled print in an era of digital reproduction. Through studies of material exploration, traditional and non-traditional printing techniques: he works to capture gestural and representational time stamps as a record of living through a creative process. He holds a BFA in Photography from California College of the Arts (2012) and an MFA from Emily Carr University of Art and Design (2020). He has exhibited domestically as well as: Canada, The U.K., Istanbul, Japan, Switzerland, and New Zealand.