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Program Information

How will the online studios run?
What is the class size of each studio?
Are there language requirements for the Summer Institute for Teens?
Can credit from SIT be transferred to university degree admission?

Materials & Resources

Will I need to source my own materials?
What are the computer/device requirements for the online studios?
What type of furniture is required for the online studios?
Who can I contact if I run into technical issues before, during or after the course?


Do you offer financial aid or scholarships?
After I register, how do I prepare for the start of SIT?
What happens if a studio is cancelled?


Do you provide housing/accomodations?
Are meals provided in SIT?
Are transportation costs, such as bus passes, included in the tuition fee?

Student Experience

Do I have Emily Carr Library access?
What happens if I miss a class?
When do I receive my certificate of completion?