Interaction Design Major

  • Intro

    Interaction Design is art evolved.

    An IxD designer is highly sought after, taking design solutions and the human experience to the next level.

    All our majors commence upon completion of our Foundation Year requirements.

    If you are inspired by the intersection of desire, viability, and technology, the IxD Interaction Design program will prepare you to create innovative design solutions for everyday life. Professional IxD designers focus on human needs through process-driven research, technological and evaluation methods. Demand is high for interaction designers to envision new and interactive products, systems, services and spaces in all industries.

    Interaction Design courses will prepare you to enter the IxD field with substantial skills and agility in an evolving new discipline. Our school focuses on critical and practical inquiry, research methods, technological skills, and design process, enabling you to develop a relevant, personal interaction design practice of your own. Interactive systems are everywhere, from websites and mobile applications to game design and physical devices. A unique combination of communication, industrial, and interaction knowledge and skills are relevant to the delivery of these systems. The Interaction Design program at Emily Carr allows you to merge courses from Communication Design, Industrial Design, Animation, and New Media + Sound Arts.

  • Pathways

    You will become part of a community of user-centric design thinkers and makers who play a strategic role in shaping, defining, and creating the future of digital interfaces and interactivity.

    Inspiring job titles of our graduates

    Interaction Designer, Production Design Manager, User Experience Director, Solutionist, User Interface Visual Designer, Web Consultant, Creative Strategist, Chief Product Officer, Mobile Designer

    Dynamic employers that have recruited our graduates

    Google, Absolute Software, Giant Ant, BC Lions, Norco Bicycles, Best Buy Canada, Relic Entertainment, OOCO DESIGN, Microsoft Studios

  • Program

    After first year Foundation studies at Emily Carr, you will apply to enter the Interaction Design Major in your second year.

    Your studies will focus steadily in this field over the last three years of your four year degree. Upon completion you will achieve the undergraduate degree and designation, Bachelor of Design, Majoring in Interaction Design (BDes, IxD). See the Admissions section about application information for undergraduate, international, transfer, and aboriginal students.

    Most courses you will take are worth three credits. 120 credits are required to complete your degree.

  • Aims

    The Bachelor of Design, Interaction Design program develops you to become a creative citizen of the design community through conceptual, critical, cultural, practice-oriented, and career-focused education.

    The Bachelor of Design, Interaction Design Program aims to:

    • equip you with a strong grounding in the discipline of interaction design, including a focus on making, prototyping, and user testing as critical components of the creative design process, while also maintaining strong collaborative connections with communication and industrial design;
    • foster your ongoing sense of reflection and self-study to facilitate quick and well-rounded responses in a climate of rapid change;
    • give you an awareness of the broader theoretical, socio-cultural and environmental contexts of your work through a balance of digital skills, design methodologies and wider, reflective theoretical study;
    • foster your ties to interaction design industry leaders as well as the local community through real-world collaborative projects, co-ops, internships, and other innovative learning opportunities;
    • foster a generative and high-profile interaction design community in Vancouver, nationally, and abroad by building ties with the public and private sectors and other educational institutions.