All applicants must submit official transcripts - educational records of your academic performance.

EDUCATIONAL TRANSCRIPTS: Official physical transcripts of your accredited post-secondary university and college transcripts should be mailed, couriered, or dropped off in person.

Educational transcripts should be sealed and addressed as follows:

Transcripts for Admission 

Emily Carr University of Art + Design 

520 East 1st Avenue 

Vancouver, BC  V5T 0H2 


  1. SEALED: As an applicant, you must submit official educational documents and/or transcripts from all educational institutions that you have attended. Transcripts must be official copies, sent directly to Emily Carr by the institution attended. Or you may obtain official copies of your transcripts from the awarding academic institution to be forwarded, still in the original sealed envelope, to Emily Carr.
  2. OFFICIAL: To be acceptable as an official transcript it must have an official stamped seal and/or signature of the issuing institution. Photocopies, faxed copies, and legally certified (notarized) copies are not acceptable and should not be submitted.
  3. LANGUAGE: Transcripts from non-English speaking schools must be submitted in the original language with an additional official certified English translation.
  4. ASSESSMENT: Foreign documents may need to be assessed by the International Credential Evaluation Service (ICES). The Graduate Studies Admissions Office will contact you if the documents require further assessment.


  • If you require notification that we have received your transcripts then you must either drop them off in person or send them via a courier service that allows you to track their receipt.
  • You will be contacted if we have NOT received your educational transcripts.