Block Transfer from Essentials | Undergraduate Admissions

Interested in a Design Major after completing the Communication Design Essentials program?

If you are an applicant to the four year Bachelor of Design, Communications Design program, and you have successfully graduated from the Communication Design Essentials Certificate, you will be awarded 33 credits toward your undergraduate degree in the Communications Design Major.

This transfer is sometimes called a laddering program and it is offered through the Faculty of Design and Dynamic Media in partnership with the Continuing Studies.

Eligibility is based on academic GPA.

In order to be eligible for the Block Transfer, you must be a graduate of the Communication Design Essentials Certificate program (previously called the Design Essentials Program) offered by BCIT in partnership with Emily Carr. You must have graduated from the Certificate with a GPA of 2.00 (60%) or higher to be eligible to apply for a Block Transfer.

As an eligible certificate holder seeking Block Transfer after admission, you must:

If you are successfully admitted, you will then be assigned the Block Transfer toward your Communications Design Major undergraduate degree in recognition of the curriculum you have completed during the course of the certificate.

Contact Admissions before you apply.

If you are seeking Block Transfer credit we encourage you to contact our Admissions Office by email to initiate a discussion about your application prior to submission. Any questions you may have can be answered by an advisor.

If you are interested in pursuing an undergraduate major other than the Communication Design major, you should also contact our Admissions Office by email to determine what, if any, transfer may apply to the undergraduate major you wish to apply to.

33 Block Transfer credits will be assigned after your successful admission to undergraduate studies at Emily Carr.

Once you have successfully been admitted to undergraduate studies at Emily Carr, you will receive 33 credits for:

  • all Foundation studio courses (18 credits);
  • four Second Year Communication Design studio courses (12 credits, including the required typography and drawing course); and
  • one critical studies course in second year (3 credits).

Successfully admitted students are required to take the following:

  • Foundation year: 12 credits of critical studies courses
  • Second year: both Core Design Studios; both required Critical Studies courses; one critical studies elective.

These components must be completed prior to beginning Third Year.