Application: Foundation to Program Major Test Page

Application Deadline: March 1, 2020

If your address changes from May to August, please update your address on myEC in order to be assured you will receive your notification letter.

Eligibility Rules + Procedures

All first year students completing a minimum of 21.0 Foundation year credit requirements with no more than 3.0 credits of studio and 6.0 credits of critical studies deficiencies by the end of April or by the end of the summer term (August) are eligible to apply to a Major program.

Acceptance into all program majors will be determined by ranking Foundation students according to their GPA (calculated using Fall and mid-term Spring grades). 

NOTE: The minimum GPA required for admission to Critical + Cultural Practice is 3.0.  

Please choose three majors in order of preference.

For scheduling purposes, please indicate all areas of interest.

Along with the areas listed above, Visual Arts majors also have access to curriculum in the following areas: Performance Art, New Media, Sound Arts, Photography, Illustration, and Visual Arts Studios.

If you plan to complete your Foundation requirements during the summer term, please indicate the deficient course(s) and where you plan to complete them.