Academic Planning

ECU is working hard to ensure your upcoming academic year is both well-supported and rewarding.

Scroll down to find some key points, and an FAQ with answers to any questions you may have.

  • Lectures will be conducted entirely online. To avoid health risks related to indoor gatherings in public spaces, all lectures will be delivered “live.” They will be recorded for viewing at a later time for those students who either can’t attend the live viewing, or wish to otherwise refer back to a lecture after the fact.

  • 70% of ECU's Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 courses will be online-only; the remainder are "hybrid" courses, which include a maximum of 30% in-person activities. If you register for a hybrid course it is assumed you will be able to participate in the full range of activities, both online and in person. If you register for a hybrid course but may be unable to come to campus, we advise reaching out to the instructor to talk about options. While instructors may not be able to approve all requests, it is important to start the conversation as early as possible.

  • Timed examinations, where applicable, will be replaced by other methods of evaluation. This may include a grade which gives more weight to a cumulative assessment of work submitted throughout the year.

  • The format of final assignments and projects will be specific to each course. The location of students, as well as the amount of access they have to campus, will be taken into consideration to ensure an equitable and supportive learning environment.

  • Shops and studios will be operational, though fewer people in them at any one time. This is to provide safe distancing per ongoing health guidelines. In cases where a shop or studio reaches its limit for occupancy, priority will be given to work which is required for hybrid courses and advanced programs.

  • Health measures, including hand sanitizer stations, physical distancing protocols, stay-at-home orders for community members who may feel unwell, and low-occupancy rules for campus spaces will help ensure that in-person, on-campus activities prioritize the ongoing safety of students, staff and faculty.

  • Online learning support is available. Staff from the Writing Centre, Counselling + Wellness, and the Library have compiled a guide to online learning. It includes tools, strategies, recommendations and links related to online learning.

Online and Hybrid Courses

What is a hybrid course?
Can I register for a hybrid course but only participate in the online part?
Can I take all my courses online this year?
If all the courses I register for are online, do I have to come on campus?
What does VCHAT mean?
Where do I go to access my online courses?
When will online classes become available on Moodle?

Studying Remotely

Can I take a full course load online if I can’t come to campus?
Can I take my courses from my hometown?
What if the timezone I'm in means I can't be in classes scheduled on Pacific Time?
What kinds of remote resources are available to support online learning?

Digital Resources

Where can I find details about Digital Resource Requirements?
What resources are available for students who can't meet the Digital Resource Requirements?

Lectures, Final Exams + Projects

How will lecture classes be taught?
What will exams/final projects look like?

On-Campus Activities

Will I be able to use the shops and studios this year?
Can I access the studios and shops if I am only registered for online courses?
How will I access the tools and digital gear necessary to produce my work?
How will I access technical support? Will technicians hold online support hours for students during the Fall?
How is on-campus health and safety being addressed?

Student Support

What is being done to support students in financial need?
Where can I go for counselling or support?

Managing Illness

I have been diagnosed with COVID-19. Do I need to tell my instructors?
Do I need to provide a doctor’s note if I have COVID-19 or another illness?

Tuition + Fees

Will I be charged for a U-Pass?
Will there be studio/lab fees this academic year?
Why isn’t tuition being reduced since most courses will be delivered online?
Where does my tuition go?