Info for International Students

Update: January 4, 2021
Update: October 9, 2020

These FAQS only address issues pertaining to International Students at Emily Carr University.

For information that affects all students, including updates on current and future campus operations, please see this page.

For international students who are currently outside of Canada and planning to return, we have put together safe travel and quarantining guidelines for your reference. Please read the guidelines before your journey.

All students arriving in Canada from another country, by air or land, are required by law to quarantine for 14 days on arrival. This is mandatory, even if you have no symptoms.

Where can International Students find updates on how Service Canada is collecting biometrics during the COVID-19 shutdown?
I’m on a student visa. What do I do if I cannot return to my home country because of travel restrictions?
I’m worried about obtaining my study permit. How do I begin this process?
How can I prepare for my arrival in Canada at a port of entry?
Can I take my courses from my hometown?
What if the timezone I'm in means I can't be in classes scheduled on Pacific Time?