Courses + Costs | Interaction Design Certificate


The program consists of two 12-week terms. Term One consists of introductory design and interaction practice. Term Two builds to greater levels of technically-advanced practice.

For more detailed information download the Interaction Design Program Curriculum Handbook.


April Cohort
April to October
Schedule: Monday-Friday AM sessions

September Cohort
September to April (with holiday closure)
Schedule: Monday-Friday PM sessions

Term One

  • CEIE 110 Design Fundamentals
  • CEIE 115 User Centred Design
  • CEIE 230 Design Research & Management
  • CEIE 120 Programming for Interactivity
  • CEIE 130 Designing for the Web
  • CEIE 170 Interaction Design Studio I
  • CEIE 140 Motion Graphics
  • CEIE 150 Web Development I
  • CEIE 160 Portfolio Development

Term Two

  • CEIE 270 Mobile Web Development
  • CEIE 210 Mobile Application Design
  • CEIE 220 Mobile Application Production
  • CEIE 240 Interaction Design Studio II
  • CEIE 250 Web Development II
  • CEIE 260 Portfolio Development II


April 2020 Deposit: $1,000 | Total Tuition: $7,140
September 2020
Deposit: $1,000 | Total Tuition: $7,285
April 2021
Deposit: $1,000 | Total Tuition: currently under review

If you are accepted into the program, a $1,000 deposit must be paid within 7 calendar days of receiving notification of your acceptance to the program.

The remainder of the tuition is due before the start of the program. Your tuition due date will be included on your acceptance letter.

Your tuition includes a copy of the Adobe Creative Cloud, which will be available the first day of class.


Students are expected to provide their own laptop computer capable of running Adobe Creative Cloud. There are no additional required supplies, however instructors may recommend the purchase of materials.

Total cost of supplies for the program is approximately $200.

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