Student Installation Approvals

Application forms for installations can be obtained from the Scheduling Office D2320.

Students must first determine a space for their installation and advise the Scheduling Office of their plans.

Once a space is found, the next step is to consult with the instructor to go over the scope of the installation and to discuss how the installation will be completed. The instructor must sign off on the form, indicating that they are aware of the installation plans.

The third and final step is to bring the form to the Facilities Office D2351 for the final consultation on the installation and approval.

Consultation with Facilities must take place before any installations are put up. Any installations found in the campus without Facilities approval will be removed at the student’s expense. Facilities makes every effort to approve all installations, however there are considerations for safety and protection of property that must be considered. Note that installations are not permitted in stairwells, as these are areas of refuge. As well, items cannot be hung down through the light wells; the light wells have electronic sensors which activate an alarm system and cause the light wells to close if the sensors are disturbed.

When installing artwork, students are reminded to be respectful of others’ work. If there are items installed in a space, please check with Facilities before removing the work.