Heidi May



  • 2011

     QR_U can be described as a relational and networked project that intends to make visible the inside of an open school and to distribute the school's inquiry widely. Participants are presented with a series of questions about their relationship with the arts, learning and technology. 'QR’ in the project title is a play on the abbreviated form of QR code, which actually stands for Quick Response. The project creates an occasion and a setting...

  • 2011

    An experimental video that attempts to capture perceptual processes within multimedia and multitasking, stemming from the ongoing online artwork Selfpost | Postself.

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  • 2010

    Selfpost | Postself examines the networked self. The artist uses herself as a research subject in pursuit of a better understanding of what happens to our-selves as we form relations within Facebook (aka the social network of all social networks. Selfpost is the outing of the artist's resistant self to multiple groups within Facebook; Postself is the documentation of this...