Andreas Eiken



  • 2013

    My current 4th year thesis project at Emily Carr University in collaboration with Kieran Wallace. We are attempting to use a multidisciplinary design approach to tackle the problem of humanity accruing excessive amounts waste. 

    Our problem space is excess waste going to landfills caused by disposable food containers. We could tell you the exact percentage of space that disposables take up in the landfill, but its not about the most impact. Food is a daily ritual attached with...

  • 2012

    Lower Body Cycling Weather Protection

    How can 'casual’ riders (that don’t wear cycle gear), be encouraged to ride in wet weather with the aid of a new product that doesn’t fit into the classic ‘cycle gear’ category?

    The challenge was to create a product the spoke to the convenience and speed of cycling in urban core. With the population of cities increasing, real solutions to cycling problems are going to be needed.

  • 2012

    Compost Collective was a project done at CityStudio to address Vancouver's Greenest City Initiative. We ran three pilot projects in downtown Vancouver where we experimented with methods on how to engage with multi family buildings and how to get them diverting food scraps from the landfill. 

    Team: Jesi...