Below is a listing of the courses we offer at Emily Carr in this subject area. The number of section offerings for each course are listed to the right of each course title.

Please note: Course section offerings listed in future terms are subject to change. The availability numbers for future terms are listed here to provide some assistance to students in planning their academic year.

CourseTitleSummer 2014Fall 2014Spring 2015
DESN 002Design Lab
DESN 200Core Design Studio II8
DESN 202Strategies + Visualization5
DESN 2102D Core Design Studio III4
DESN 2113D Core Design Studio III3
DESN 212Drawing: Developing Concepts1
DESN 2154D Core Design Studio III1
DESN 217Design for Motion1
DESN 301Exhibit Design
DESN 3102D Core Design Studio IV3
DESN 3113D Core Design Studio IV3
DESN 3122D Design Concentration1
DESN 3133D Design Concentration
DESN 3154D Core Design Studio IV1
DESN 316Interaction Design
DESN 3202D Core Design Studio V3
DESN 3213D Core Design Studio V3
DESN 3222D Design Concentration1
DESN 3233D Design Concentration1
DESN 324Publication Workshop1
DESN 3254D Core Design Studio V1
DESN 4102D Core Design Studio VI3
DESN 4113D Core Design Studio VI3
DESN 4122D Design Concentration1
DESN 4133D Design Concentration
DESN 4154D Core Design Studio VI1
DESN 416Interaction Design
DESN 4202D Core Design Studio VII3
DESN 4213D Core Design Studio VII3
DESN 4222D Design Concentration
DESN 4233D Design Concentration
DESN 4254D Core Design Studio VII1
DESN 500Advanced Studio I
DESN 501Advanced Studio II
DESN 510Masters Thesis Project
DESN 600Advanced Studio III
DESN 610Masters Thesis Project