HUMN 311 S003: Visual Art Seminar

These seminars are taught from the viewpoint of a practicing artist, and focus on historical and/or contemporary issues relevant to particular disciplines or subjects. Seminars develop student critical awareness of the content and context of cultural production in relation to a wide range of practices and theories. Students attend lectures and discussion groups; in addition they are required to undertake research, give presentations, complete visual projects, and write papers. Descriptions of specific seminar topics will be included with registration packages.

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Topic: Don’t Go It Alone: Collectives and Collaboration in Contemporary Practices

How can we organize ourselves to become more resilient?  How might we work together to simply get more done? How could we gather as an expression of political resistance? Across a range of contemporary practices, we can see the (re)emergence of collaborative and collective methodologies fostering new interdisciplinary projects, artist-run-infrastructures, and artworks that engage activism and social change. Whether considering our individual impacts on material resources or the political challenge that an individually-focused society fosters, we can find an urgency in considering how, why, and when we can work together. In this course, the exploration of artistic practices, models for organizing, and the production of collaborative artworks and collective entities will provide students with a variety of opportunities to think, learn, and work alongside one another. This course will also offer a practical and theoretical exploration the role of collectivism and collaboration in visual arts and professional practices, culminating in a variety of writing, studio, and hybrid projects, supported by readings, workshops, and presentations. 


Completion of Second Year

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Topic: Don't Go It Alone: Collectives and Collaboration in Contemporary Practices
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Jan 5-Apr 21
W 291 NB