Master of Applied Arts | Resident program

The resident program is offered over 21-months with an internship between the first and second year. Students can only begin the program in the fall semester. Students apply to the Master of Applied Arts Visual Arts program (includes Media Arts).

The focus of the program is on individual and/or collaborative research informed by contemporary issues and developed through ongoing analysis and critique. Students work together, approaching diverse concerns and research interests from their respective disciplinary perspectives. Course work in critical studies and studio disciplines reference and explore common threads in critical methodologies.

Internships are an integral credit component of the program and consist of study and work at Emily Carr University on industry or cultural sector driven projects, or on-site at any of the following: a company; a gallery; an arts, design or media based organization; a creative industry; or a museum related to the project and research you are pursuing in the graduate program.  This gives students the opportunity to combine academic learning with practical experience in variable settings. Internships may or may not be paid positions. Students are expected to propose possible internships and have the support of the Manager of Industry Relations Office to work towards and approach possible internship opportunities.

Program Overview:

Year 1

Fall semester

GSMA 541 or GSMA 551 Advanced Studio I (6 credits)

GSMA 500  Seminar in Research I (3 credits)

GSMA 512 Graduate Interdisciplinary Forum (3 credits)

GSMA 513 Masters Research Workshop (0 credits)

Spring semester

GSMA 542 or GSMA 552 Advanced Studio II (6 credits)

GSMA 505 Seminar in Research II (3 credits)

GSMA 513 Masters Research Workshop (0 credits)

ELECTIVE: Students must choose a course selected at any time that it is not in conflict with scheduled Graduate Studies courses (3 credits)

Summer semester

GSMA 510 Grad Independent Study/Applied Learning (12 credits)

Year 2 

Fall semester

GSMA 641 or GSMA 651 Advanced Studio III (6 credits)

GSMA 642 or GSMA 652 Master Thesis Project (presentation) (6 credits)

GSMA 603 Seminar in Dialogues and Interactions (3 credits)

GSMA 610 Writing Workshop (0 credits)

Spring semester

GSMA 642 or GSMA 652 Masters Thesis Project (completion) (6 credits)

GSMA 600 Graduate Seminar (3 credits)

GSMA 610 Writing Workshop (0 credits)

Total 60 credits


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