Fall 2022 Foundation Registration

Welcome to your Foundation year! As a first-year student, you will be enrolled into Foundation which features a range of art, design and media courses that will help you discover your passion.

We encourage you to check out the registration guide and videos on accessing My Progress [NEED LINKS TO MYPROGESS (is this the same as Student Planning?)] to help map out your Fall and Spring terms for the year. This helpful guide will help you navigate your Foundation year with key dates for the year and the requirements for a successful term.

June 22 - 7:00am PSTFall 2021 Registration opens
Nov. 23 - 7:00am PSTSpring 2022 Registration opens
Fall term (15 credits)
Foundation forum (15 credits)
Intensive humanities courses
Spring term (15 credits)
Prior/transfer credits (15 credits)
Second year courses (15 credits)

Get help with registration

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