Registration FAQs

Logging in

What's my username?
What's my password?
I forgot my password.
I tried logging in a few times and now my account is frozen.

Navigating the registration system

How do I read the course codes?
How do I search for courses?
How do I view and edit my Plan schedule?
How do I find online courses?


How do I register for courses on my plan/schedule?
How will the 'Register Now' button activate? / There is no 'Register Now' button.
It says I’m in a course overload. How many credits can I take?
What are ‘Release Days’?
I won’t be able to register for classes on my registration date. What can I do?

Adding and dropping courses

How do I drop a course?
I’m trying to drop from all my courses and it won’t let me.
I’ve created my account on myEC, but how do I add my courses?
I realized I don't want to take a certain course. How can I drop this course?
I don't want to continue in the course I am in. How can I withdraw from this course?


How do I check on my waitlist status?
I really want to take this course but I’m waitlisted, what’s the process to register?


I missed the message that I could register from a waitlist and now I can’t register.
Student Planning says I don't have the prerequisite, but I think I do.
It says my course is full, what do I do?

Get help with registration

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