How to Register

Prepare for registration

You will receive an email informing you of your registration date about 4 weeks before registration opens for the next term.

You will register for courses using your myEC account. myEC is where you can check your grades, pay your deposit and tuition and maintain your contact information.

See the myEC guide for help finding your username, resetting your password, or setting up your account.

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Course Planning

Before you register, it is important to have a course plan that meets the requirements of your degree.

Find the courses you need to take to complete your degree requirements in the Student Planning section of myEC. To access this section:

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  • Log in to MyEC
  • Select “Student Planning” from the blue registration pane on your MyEC dashboard
  • Click the “My Progress” graphic, or select it from the Student Planning menu

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Using your degree requirements as a guide, you can search for courses and add them to your plan.

Course Load Requirements

All undergraduate degrees require 120 credits to graduate.

We have a Fall Term (September-December), a Spring Term (January-April), and two short Summer Terms (May-June and July-August).

During the Fall and Spring terms, undergraduate students generally take between 12 to 15 credits.

The breakdown looks like this:

  • 9 to 12 studio credits
  • 3 to 6 critical studies credits
    Minimum credit load required for BC student loans
    Maximum Credit Load + Studio Overload Access

    Paying tuition

    All outstanding debts must be cleared in order to register.

    You are responsible for the full amount of tuition fees assessed once you have submitted your registration.

    If you have a hold on your file, please email to arrange payment.

    Terms you should know before registering


    A prerequisite refers to the courses or credits you must take to be eligible to register for a course. Prerequisites are listed within course descriptions.

    Not sure if you meet a prerequisite?

    Priority Rules + Releases

    Priority rules give students in a major and specific year levels priority to register for courses they require to graduate.

    Once students in a major have secured their required courses during the priority registration period, access opens up to other students in the same degree. This is called Degree Release.

    Access is then shared widely during the All-University Release.

    It is important to note that while priority rules release, prerequisites do not.

    Repeatable for Credit

    If a course is repeatable for credit, that information will be included in the course description.

    More on repeating courses for credit

    Get help with registration

    Need help with paying tuition or fees? Contact

    Need help from Academic Advising? Contact an advisor.