Plan Your Housing Search

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Moving to Vancouver will involve planning and perseverance to find housing in a competitive rental market. The following suggestions will make your search easier:

  • Plan a temporary place to stay upon arrival
  • Get to know Vancouver's neighbourhoods
  • Arrive early, even up to one month in advance
  • Do your research using this site and the suggested external sites
  • Come prepared with references, a resume and even a credit report, which you may need if signing a lease
  • Read the Know Your Rights page for lots of useful advice
  • Renting It Right: Renting It Right is a free online course created by Tenant Resource & Advisory Centre (TRAC) and Justice Education Society. It will help you identify your rental needs, understand the renting process and figure out what are the right neighbourhoods and rental type for you.


  • City Transit Information: Learn about Skytrains, buses, SeaBuses and more!
  • UPass BC: As a student, you are automatically enrolled in the UPass program that provides unlimited travel using public transit.
  • HUB Cycling: Learn how to safely ride a bicycle on the streets of Vancouver.

Price Ranges

Prices will vary, however, be prepared to spend between $1000 and $2000+ (CAD) on housing. On the lower spectrum are hostels like the HI Jericho Beach Hostel, which offer lower rates. Another less expensive alternative are homestays such as Liane’s Homestay .

Other Useful Links