Foundation Spring Registration

Important Links for Registration

Be sure to read through the Spring 2015 General Registration page. That's where you'll find information on attendance, adding, dropping, withdrawals, and wait lists.

Not sure how to register or having trouble using insideEC? Check out the insideEC FAQ page.

Spring 2015 Foundation Registration

Academic Advising

Questions about registration? Make an appointment with an Academic Advisor. The Advisors will be presenting a registration workshop at the November 3 Foundation Forum. Don't miss it!

Foundation Year Requirements

The Foundation year consists of both core courses and electives for a total of 30 credits. For the Spring semester students register for 15 credits:

  • FNDT 001 Foundation Forum
  • HUMN 101 Academic Core (6 credits)
  • Foundation Studio Elective (3 credits)

One of the following (choose one that you did NOT take in the Fall):

  • FNDT 160 Core Media Studio I (6 credits)
  • FNDT 161 Core Design Studio I (6 credits)
  • FNDT 164 Core Visual Arts Studio I (6 credits)

Foundation Studio Electives can be found by searching on insideEC for the subject "Foundation Studio Courses". All electives are 3 credits. All Foundation students are limited to one studio elective.

In addition to the Foundation Studio electives listed above, the following sections have been reserved for Foundation students:

When planning your course schedule, keep in mind that three credit courses have 3 hours per week of instruction and six credit courses have 6 hours per week of instruction.

Academic Core: HUMN-101

Foundation students who are registered for an Intensive Academic Core and ENGL-098 in the fall semester are required to register for an Intensive Academic Core and ENGL-099 in the spring semester.

  • Sections S001 to S008 are Intensive
  • Sections S009 to S019 are Non-Intensive

Students who are registering for the Intensive HUMN-101 will also register for the linked ENGL-099 course.The section number for HUMN-101 corresponds to the linked section of ENGL-099.

For example:

  • Take HUMN-101-S001 and ENGL-099-S001
  • Take HUMN-101-S002 and ENGL-099-S002
  • Take HUMN-101-S003 and ENGL-099-S003

The following documents have the schedules for each section of HUMN-101. You can use these to help you put together your course schedule for the Spring semester. These are current as of September 25, 2014. If there is a difference between these and insideEC, insideEC is correct.

Course Splitting

As the Foundation registration is split over two days, all Foundation courses will have half their spaces held back on the first day so that students registering on the second day have an equal chance to register in their preferred sections. This means that there will be no wait listing of Foundation courses until November 27.

Registration Dates

Registration will take place online. Web registration is open from 7:00AM to Midnight, Pacific Daylight Time. Remember, insideEC does NOT work with Google Chrome.

November 24 Foundation Students:
Last names beginning A-K
November 25 Foundation Students:
Last names beginning L-Z
November 27 Registration Rules Lifted
January 2 University re-opens
January 5 Spring semester begins
January 15 Last day to drop courses without financial penalty.
January 16

Last day to add courses and
Tuition Fee Deadline. Payment must be received by this deadline.