HUMN 311 - S005: Visual Art Seminar

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Topic: Repurposing Modernism

It’s easy to say that nothing new can be done. It’s just as easy to say that everything old is new again. Perhaps everything new is old again. These statements grant permission and encourage an involvement with history, its riches and especially its unexplored tangents. As our context shifts so does the very way we understand our experiences. Art and its history are continually brought into focus anew; this is why a work done 100 years ago can still shock and delight, or even better, look fresh. We constantly see historical moments, both canonical and obscure, in artwork made today. Making work outside of history is not possible, while making work ignorant of its referents is a missed opportunity! This class will be comprised of studio projects supported by discussions, readings, slide lectures and field trips. We will look at the history of Modernism, from its advent to the present, and focus on contemporary practices that use and/or reference that history. There will be a special focus on the ‘cross pollination’ of media and the multi-disciplinary nature of artists’ practices from today back to the end of the 19th century. We will look at and encourage painters who sculpt, photographers who paint, printers who perform and any other combination or deviation from one’s primary media.


Completion of Second Year

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Jan 5-Apr 21
T 278 NB
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