Computer Requests

Computer Requests

The booking process that you have used during the regular school term does not apply for Grad Exhibition bookings. Instead:

  • Use the Campus Exhibition Application Form.
  • DO NOT book requests via e-mail.
  • If you are part of a group, only one person should submit a request for the group.
  • Questions needing clarification will be directed to your ECUAD email. For all communications, please use the same name and student number that you used to complete the form.
  • Requests will be processed in order they are received. Be aware that requests may exceed the supply, especially with regard to computers and iPads; please limit your request to one.
  • Please consider alternative plans in case a computer or an iPad cannot be allocated to you. If you plan to supply your own iPad for the exhibition please consult with the technicians regarding security and networking. Direct ITS support of iPads in the exhibition is relatively limited.

If you need any of the following items, you will need to supply them yourself:

  • Power bars/strips, extension cords, and any other related cables. Three-pronged extension cables and power bars only!
  • Data projectors (let the Technicians know ASAP if you are supplying a data projector)
  • Speakers/Headphones. You must supply your own headphones; speakers are generally not permitted as the sound may detract from neighbouring exhibits. If you feel your project absolutely requires speakers, you may need approval from the Grad Show Committee. Media Resources has small speakers available for rental, or you can bring your own supply.
  • Security cables: if you supply your own computer or equipment, you are responsible for securing it. All equipment supplied by the university will be secured by Gallery Technicians after installation.

If you are going to be requesting a computer, read this before your submitting your proposal. It is highly recommended that you consult with a computer technician regarding graduation projects using computers. The technicians can give you feedback on the feasibility of your project–or the possible challenges it may pose– in an exhibit environment. If you have requested a campus computer, the computer technician will contact you by e-mail to review your request and provide instructions about how to submit your files to us for installation.