iPad Requests

iPad Requests


  • We have a limited number of iPads, and priority will go to interactive projects that make specific use of the iPad or touchscreen.


  • If you have questions about the iPads themselves and the school’s policies about borrowing and usage, please contact Media Resources.


  • You are responsible for making sure the iPad stays powered up during the show. The iPads come with the standard charger cable, but not an extension cord. Be prepared to supply and secure your own extension cord if your display space is not next to an electrical outlet. The iPads are set up to easily display videos, PDFs, and websites (either local or online). If your project requires a different format, you will be responsible for planning how the project will function for the duration of the show, and for installing any additional apps with your own Apple account.


  • School iPads can’t be displayed without one of the school security cases.
  • Can display vertical or horizontal iPad.
  • Can be mounted either to plinth or wall. Cannot be mounted to school tables.
  • Cannot be painted. Adhesive vinyl is ok.
  • Front panel allows for the use of the home button and front-facing camera.

You can visit Kathleen Jacques, kjacques@ecuad.ca, at the Communication Design studio to to take a look at our custom-built iPad cases for reference. Brian Fossl, bfossl@ecuad.ca at Design Wood Shop can assist with the fabrication of a custom top to fit the school’s existing iPad cases.