Photo Documentation Stations

Photo Documentation Stations

We encourage you to document your works at The Show! You can make use of the Photo Documentation Stations below.

You will need to sign out a key for C1260 and B4120 from the Photo Lab (room B4135).

Available Stations

April 12 – May 8

Large 2D work and installations
– set of LED lights
– bare walls to hang large paintings
– tool cart with tools + hardware for hanging (eg: nails)

April 22 – May

B4120 | Small 2D work
– set of LED lights
– copy stand (20″ x 24″ max size)

April 18 – May

C1260 | Small 3D Works (up to 1′ x 2′)
-set of LED lights
-white (wooden) table top cove/infinity backdrop

C1260 | Large 3D Works (up to 4′ x 6′)
-set of LED lights
-seamless grey backdrop